The Tree of Light

blow on the embers of a thousand-year-old tree and regenerate yourself

An original immersive experience

The Tree of Light is an original fiction which plunges you into the heart of an enchanted forest to experience a unique moment of regeneration of a tree. The work allows the experience of a new relationship with the living beings that inhabit our world.

Sitting in a circle, eyes closed, with headphones on, the experience is a journey of sensory wonder through a unique spatialized sound, an interactive light sculpture made by a craftsman, and an immersive writing that puts you at the heart of the story.

Designed as a new form of Immersive Art Therapy, The Tree of Light is a work that awakens the senses as much as it awakens the conscience.

Binaural sound

Interactive Lights

Immersive Story

The Tree of Light is a new myth

In time immemorial, a sun spirit placed his heart in a tree. The darkness of the world disappeared. Life shone forth. But the energy of theTree of Light is not eternal. Every hundred years, the living, animals, plants, humans, gather to give it back its flame. And this moment has arrived...

To be amazed by the forest

By mixing art and science, the work mobilizes the powers of fiction to take a step aside and explore other imaginaries of life. The authors, Yann Garreau and Charlotte-Amélie Veaux, draw on contemporary works on ecology. Influenced by the work of the philosopher Baptiste Morizot, devoted to the relationship between humans and the living, they deliver a dreamlike narrative that gives a voice to animals and plants.

What if we lived in tune with the other living beings that inhabit the world alongside us? And if their voice was as strong as ours, what would they say? What new symbioses are to be imagined?

These questions have led to a collective experience that blurs the boundary between humans and other living things. We rediscover a rich, animated fauna and flora that never ceases to amaze us and to take care of each other. The work participates in the fall of the stress as a walk in the forest could do, thanks to an exercise of breath put at the service of the narration. The experience, very immersive, rests however on a "low-tech" installation that strives to limit its carbon footprint.

The Tree of Light is a call for the regeneration of living ecosystems.

Hosting a Tree of Light

There are different scenographic and experiential versions to adapt the work to all types of spaces and audiences, and to amaze the greatest number.

Looking for a specific format? Let us know!

What they say about it

Join them



November 19 - Marvelous Book Fair of Chatenay-Malabry

November 3 to 5 - 1st edition of the digital art festival "Les Illuminés" in the courtyard of the castle of Noirmoutier

November 3 to 4 - French Alliance of Toronto, Canada, as part of Digital November

November 2 - Event "En quête de demain" organized by Sparknews at La Recyclerie in Paris

October 24 to 27 - free sessions at Zù in Montreal, Canada

October 15 - Program at the library of the University of Paris-Nanterre as part of the Science Festival in Nanterre

June 9 to 11 - NewImages Festival at the Forum des Images in Paris

May 19 to 21 - Art For Change selection for the ChangeNow Festival at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris

March 27 to April 1st - In the selection of artworks for the Great Citizen Ecological Challenge of ADEME in Angers

March 12 - Open Factory event at Cent-Quatre in Paris

 + private events : ESAM, MedicGlobal, Humafin, etc.


December - EDF innovation event in Paris

November - Digital November selection at the French Institute in Tunis, Tunisia

May - Art For Change selection online for the ChangeNow Festival

All our works contain universal messages, and are made to be accessible to all types of audiences: children, families, young adults and seniors, employees. Everyone can have a different reading. But everyone comes out of it amazed and appeased! 

The Tree of Light is an artistic creation.

The experience has been designed to be easily integrated into tours and events.

It allows, by the emotion and the fiction, to create frameworks of calmed exchanges within collective, to approach serenely questions associated with the living with various public including (and especially) of the people not sensitized with these questions.

It combines perfectly with artistic workshops, scientific mediation, talking circles, etc.

We are listening to you to imagine new formats !

Creation, writing and artistic direction : Charlotte-Amélie Veaux et Yann Garreau

Realization : Charlotte Roux

Assistant Director : Laure Chastant

Sound Design : Bastien Varigault

Noisemaker : Elodie Fiat

Technical direction sound : Frédéric Changenet

Actors and Actresses VF : Françoise Cadol, Johanna Nizard, Alexandre Ruby

Actors and Actresses VA : Stephanie Fayerman, Nigel Pinlkington, Sarah Berger

Light sculpture : Charles Macaire

Light animation : Collectif Scale

Concept Art : Margaux Peltat

Take the time to marvel, you will discover an incredible world

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