Rituals of Regeneration

to reconnect

Onyo is a creative studio based in Paris at the Cent-Quatre.

We create moments that gather, amaze, and regenerate in events and spaces.

They are sound and light experiences, low-tech, out of time and screens, which immerse you in poetic, wonderful, and soothing stories.

Host our immersive experiences to regenerate your events and spaces.

Ils ont créé l’évènement with our creations

Experiences that take care of your audiences, your teams, and biodiversity in your events and spaces



This is the word that comes up the most after listening. Our experiences contribute to the awakening of the senses, to the reduction of stress and are experienced as breaths.



Without screens, our experiences are a true awakening of the senses. We use unique sensory technologies to create journeys that matter



Our fictions take you into stories and environments that explore new relationships with nature and the living. They are meaningful, with their own scenography.



Because re.connection is essential, ONYO's experiences are lived in groups and bring a breath of fresh air to recreate strong moments together.

A unique and original world

Our creative world is at the crossroads between art, well-being and ecology. The studio's original creations are invitations to explore new imaginary worlds with modular formats that can be adapted to your needs.

Hyper-realistic spatialized sound

Interactive and immersive storytelling

3 to 30 people per session

20 to 30 minutes per session

Unique lighting design

Modular set design

Multi-languages on request

The Tree of Light
Regenerate a thousand-year-old tree thanks to the rhythm of your breath
Discover the experience
The Song of the Icebergs
Travel on the back of an Iceberg
Coming Soon

You have a project?

Let's think together about its realization and work to create the event that will make the difference. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

A studio at your service

With Onyo, we wish to offer original and poetic experiences that give back the place to contemplative time, instill spaces of freedom for our imaginations, and help to find a feeling of wonder of the world that surrounds us. Discover the studio


Charlotte-Amelie Veaux


Yann Garreau


Let's marvel together, let's become partners

Becoming a partner agency means being able to give life to common projects. We're looking for agencies that can help us spread our work at wonderful events. Let's have a coffee, let's organize a demo, and let's open the way to new sensorial moments.


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