Explore uncharted worlds

The Worlds of Onyo

Stories have the power to transform the world.

Through sensory, immersive and poetic experiences, the Onyo studio opens the doors to new worlds. These worlds offer visions of what a caring society might look like, a society that rethinks its relationship with nature, a society of connection.

These experiences form oases in events, spaces and festivals. Without screens, without images. With sound, light and the imagination of your audience.

Use cases

For your public events

Example with Maif

Scheduled for France Design Week, the Tree of Light was an opportunity to tackle the subject of "Design by and for Living Things" through emotion and sensations, with a mixed audience of group employees and external visitors.

For your seminars

Example with GRTgaz

This experience is perfect for introducing or supporting questions about the impact of our industrial activities on the environment." Pierre Blouet - Director of RICE, the research and innovation center

For your conventions & trade shows

Example with APM

The Tree of Light in a yurt was scheduled for the APM network convention, which brings together 5500 SME founders and managers every two years.

For your retail center

Example with The Pasino of Le Havre

The Tree of Light was at the Pasino in Le Havre for a month, with ticket sales. More than 2,000 people discovered the experience and enjoyed a moment of relaxation with family and friends, with excellent press coverage.

For your festival

Example with ChangeNow

The Tree of Light experience was presented in a yurt for the ChangeNow event, which celebrates positive impact around the planet. Professionals and the general public enjoyed a unique experience in the Art for Change village.

For your workshops

Example with the institute of desirable futures

As part of the Epopée program, we proposed a listening session followed by a writing workshop to explore new imaginaries of the living during a convivial evening.

They explored unheard-of worlds

The studio

ON. Japanese Kanji meaning the act of revealing what is invisible

YO. Japanese Kanji that reminds us of the sweet warmth of the returning spring

ONYO is a design studio co-founded in 2021 by Yann Garreau and Charlotte-Amélie Veaux. After a year-long journey dedicated to immersive experiences in some fifteen countries, they decided to design installations that explore the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, the sensitive and the sensory, the individual and the collective. These experiences offer new ways of reconnecting with the living.

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