ON. Japanese Kanji meaning the act of revealing what is invisible

YO. Japanese Kanji that reminds us of the sweet warmth of the returning spring

Our vision

Positive, poetic, and wonderful stories have the power to shake up our imaginations and reconnect us to the living world.

Their impact is the highest when visitors find themselves immersed in the heart of these universes, as actors.

Les émotions sont démultipliées et facilitent l’appropriation de messages forts.

This is why we bring to spaces, events and exhibitions, experiences that immerse participants in the heart of meaningful and emotional fictions.

With Onyo, we wish to offer original and poetic experiences that give back the place to contemplative time, instill spaces of freedom for our imaginations, and help to find a feeling of wonder of the world that surrounds us.

Our story

Charlotte-Amelie Veaux


Yann Garreau


L’histoire du studio est singulière et intimement liée à celle de ses fondateurs : Charlotte-Amélie Veaux et Yann Garreau.

In 2019, after a few years in consulting, they decide to give themselves a year to understand what it means to be "immersed". They travel to fifteen countries, meet artists, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, and participate in more than a hundred experiences.

This research project becomes a life project when they return in 2020. Inspired by the creativity of their trip, they decide to start designing immersive experiences.

As the pandemic strikes, they want to use the power of new narratives and immersion to reconnect audiences with biodiversity; while minimizing their footprint on the living.

ONYO was born.

What we are



The studio imagines poetic, wondrous and gentle stories that aim to recreate a connection with the world around us. Our team is convinced that fiction is a powerful tool for sharing universal messages and complex issues.


Creators of multi-sensory experiences

We create installations that invite audiences to experience narratives in physical spaces and at events. These installations, without screens, immerse participants in dreamlike journeys using sound, light, touch, etc. The experiences are designed to serve the narrative.


Enchanters of venues, events and exhibitions

We operate on ephemeral or long temporalities, and are able to program our works for very diverse audiences and formats: festival, trade show, seminar; B2B, B2B2C or B2C. The public enters as if in a bubble of disconnection / reconnection.

Press reviews

 » C’est par une scénographie mobilisant les sens de vos collaborateurs que ces derniers voyageront dans des récits qui les invitent à se reconnecter à la nature pour prendre soin de la biodiversité »

8 animations RSE auxquelles vous n’avez pas songé pour vos évènements professionnels – Unexpected


« On a adoré vivre cette expérience qui mêle simplicité, esthétisme et cognitif. Un moment hors du temps et méditatif. »

Brève – mais intense – immersion dans l’écosystème créatif nantais – KingKing


"With eyes closed, everyone creates their own images and takes part in an enchanted ritual."

Experiential solutions to enhance the well-being of your eventsL’Innovatoire


"Their immersive fables are to be experienced as a complement to scientific discourses to dream of other possible futures.

"Onyo": immersive and ecological sound fables - Carbo


"Meet Charlotte-Amélie Veaux, co-founder of Onyo and her sensory experiences, mainly based on sound... With striking effects!"

Interview - XR Must


Les Gardiens de la Montagne dans le top 27 des expériences immersives à ne pas louper dans le monde

27 Extraordinary Experiences Open Now –  World Experience Organization


« Les expériences immersives ne doivent pas nécessairement être technologiques

Interview – Tom.Travel

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