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A desire to disrupt the imagination and the senses

Our story


Onyo is a creative project that seeks to shake up the world of culture by bringing a dreamy, ecological and soothing touch!

After a world tour of immersive experiences, and the creation of the French blog UXmmersiveWe, Yann Garreau and Charlotte-Amélie Veaux, wanted to concentrate our energies in an artistic project to create impact.

With Onyo, we create portals to wonderful worlds! A new mythology, contemporary themes, and sensory technologies to experience things differently.

Our vision

In an ultra-connected world, paradoxically, we are less and less connected to ourselves, to others and to the living.

Our experiences awaken your ears and your emotions. Our stories immerse you in original and hopeful ecological fables.  Because they are lived together, our creations are times of reconnection to weave unsuspected relationships with oneself and others.

With Onyo, we wish to offer original and poetic experiences that give back the place to contemplative time, instill spaces of freedom for our imaginations, and help to find a feeling of wonder of the world that surrounds us.With

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They support us, motivate us, and accompany us in this poetic burst.

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