The Guardians of the Mountain

Take Over

As the mountains collapsed, their inhabitants held them back. They learned to speak the language of the rock and to invoke the power of the elements. These guardians, humans, animals and plants alike, have been taking turns since then to keep the living alive.

Will you take over ?

Become a Guardian and learn the language of the mountain

In The Guardians of The Mountain, listeners discover an original, emancipating initiatory tale, experienced as a rite of passage, whose ordeals shake up the codes and imaginations of the mountain. Patience, power and symbiosis take on their full meaning: we are surprised to play with the elements not to dominate nature, or for ourselves, but out of empathy, for others.

We take the time to listen to a teeming biodiversity, and to refocus ourselves to train the long-awaited succession that must now protect these spaces of freedom and life. Human power is no longer put at the service of an extractivist, conquering and overwhelming logic. It allows the otherness, the resistance and the regeneration of the living.

An Immersive experience to reconnect with mountains

Sitting in a circle, eyes closed, with headphones on, the experience is a journey of sensory wonder through a unique spatialized sound, an interactive light sculpture made by a craftsman, and an immersive writing that puts you at the heart of the story.

With a stone in their hands, participants experience an evolving, rich and fantastic soundscape that frees the imagination and whose collective choreography reinforces our living connections. The tactile and mineral dimension, allows to create a link between the real and the fictional, and aims at approaching the theme of the resistance by a direct contact with materials which form our mountains.

Binaural sound

Interactive Lights

Immersive Story


They awaits you, program the work

You have an event, a program in connection with the themes, and wish to propose a unique creation to amaze your public? Let's think about it together. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our experiences are very immersive and yet without screens. The immersion is mainly based on sound and light levers. Believe us, it is even more powerful because visitors imagine their own images!

The works of the studio are mainly hosted in ephemeral events, of several tens, hundreds, thousands of participants. Depending on the format, we can accommodate between 30 and 450 participants per day; indoors or outdoors.

Don't ask us how, but we are the happy owners of a 20m² yurt that can accommodate 12 people. An ideal space to immerse yourself in other worlds.

To date, our experiments are available in French and English. It is quite possible to translate them into other languages, as long as time permits!

We can adapt the scenography of our existing works and even the light shows according to the events if needed.

It is quite possible to imagine news as long as they respect our creative universe. Example: imagine a natural heritage of a city.

Contact us 🙂 We have several formats that correspond more or less to the size of events. Our prices are turnkey and include delivery, assembly/disassembly, operation.

Discover another creation
The Tree of Light

The Tree of Light is an original fiction which plunges you in the heart of an enchanted forest to live a unique moment of regeneration of a tree. It is by breathing and listening that you will manage to rekindle the flames of the tree. The work participates in the fall of the stress as could make it a walk in forest, thanks to an exercise of breath put at the service of the narration.

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