The Guardians of the Mountain

Take Over

A rite of passage to protect nature

Les Gardiens de la Montagne est une fiction originale qui donne à vivre une montagne sensible, qui se sait menacée, et qui s’organise pour mettre sa puissance et sa poésie au service du vivant qui la compose et vice versa.

Humans, animals and plants become guardians, resistance fighter, awake to the extraordinary power of the rock, who take turns to preserve it like the microbiota of our body, whose invisible work allows us to exist.

Sitting in a circle, eyes closed, with headphones on, the experience is a journey of sensory wonder through a unique spatialized sound, an interactive light sculpture made by a craftsman, and an immersive writing that puts you at the heart of the story.


Binaural sound

Interactive Lights

Immersive Story

An original work

As the mountains collapsed, their inhabitants held them back. They learned to speak the language of the rock and to invoke the power of the elements. These guardians, humans, animals and plants alike, have been taking turns since then to keep the living alive.

Will you take over ?

Answer the call to resistance of nature

In The Guardians of The Mountain, listeners discover an original, emancipating initiatory tale, experienced as a rite of passage, whose ordeals shake up the codes and imaginations of the mountain. Patience, power and symbiosis take on their full meaning: we are surprised to play with the elements not to dominate nature, or for ourselves, but out of empathy, for others.

We take the time to listen to a teeming biodiversity, and to refocus ourselves to train the long-awaited succession that must now protect these spaces of freedom and life. Human power is no longer put at the service of an extractivist, conquering and overwhelming logic. It allows the otherness, the resistance and the regeneration of the living.

With a stone in the hands, the listener experiences an evolving, rich and fantastic soundscape that frees the imagination and whose collective choreography reinforces our living connections. The tactile and mineral dimension, allows both to create a link between the real and the fictional, and aims to address the theme of resistance through direct contact with materials that form our mountains.

The Guardians of the Mountain launch a formidable call to the resistance of the living to which anyone can respond.

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